We Build and Scale 
Audio Startups

Scaling a young audio company can be brutal...

After months of product development, you are usually asked what's next. 

If you're fortunate, you have some traction with potential customers and sold a few units of your audio product. 

  • But what do you do to develop your sales network quickly? 
  • How do you get valuable feedback from your customers? 
  • How can you adjust the company structure for scalings and future growth?     

We are here for you.

How can we help

Our Venture Studio approach is aimed at scaling your business


Acquiring distributors and resellers in the EU and the USA.

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Product Development

Partner with us to bring your audio tech ideas to life. We'll guide you from ideation to market domination.

Network & Collaboration

Connect with industry professionals, fellow startups, and potential investors through our extensive network.


Meet our business- and tech-oriented mentors who are industry leaders in audio technology.

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Why work with us? 
Audio-first approach

Our purpose and mission are to help our clients, small to midsize audio companies with both hardware and software products, accelerate their growth to define and realize their future.  

As a venture studio, we specialize in scaling emerging audio tech brands. We bring mentors who successfully built audio companies, engineers, and a network of audio experts who partner with co-founders and their investors to accelerate the growth of their startups.  

Our Process

Our process is fast, friendly, and simple

Discovery Call

We check whether our offer matches what your company needs at this stage of development. 

Starter Workshop

Together with your team, we dive deep to understand you, your business, and your goals, ensuring we’re on the same page.

Audit Report

We develop a tailored strategy fitting your needs and optimize your returns. 

Plan Execution

We actively apply the strategy and resources to reach targets efficiently.

Who We Are

Our team is a blend of entrepreneurs, pioneers in audio technology, effective tech managers, and gaming audio leads who are here to amplify the success of your startup or explore innovative solutions in the audio, VR, and tech realms. 

We have a proven track record in building products and developing sales potential in new market areas. We have a network of industry connections (resellers, distributors) that have played vital roles in the success stories of the startups we've supported.

We are obsessed with creating client-centric solutions (Design Thinking), and our Venture Studio partners with PDMA Central Europe – a global non-profit organization that, for more than 40 years, set standards for technology-related product development and management.

Meet the Team

Why Choose Us?

Fueling innovation and nurturing audio startups is our passion

Speed and Execution

We get things done, and we do it fast.

Audio-first Approach

We are audio experts and entrepreneurs, and we know how to help. 


Every project becomes our immersive focus, resulting in customized solutions.

Efficiency at its Best

We value your and our time, capital, and efforts. 

Ready to Scale? Let's talk!

Have questions or want to learn more about our audio-centric approach? Reach out to our team. 

We're here to amplify your journey into the world of 3D audio and the metaverse.