Scaling an audio company can be brutal...

After months of product development, you are usually asked what's next.  If you're fortunate, you have some traction with potential customers and sold a few units of your audio product.  

  • But what do you do to develop your sales network quickly? 
  • How do you get valuable feedback from your customers? 
  • How can you adjust the company structure for scalings and future growth?     

Here we are for you

Fractional Audio Leadership

Do you want an experienced Sales, Marketing, CTO, or Product Lead to step in and take care of a specific function of your startup, but you are afraid you will not hire the right person? 

Search no more! Get results fast and way cheaper!

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Mentoring sessions with experts

Do you just want to have a meeting with an expert who has been where you are today so you can talk through a specific problem? 

You can book a session with our team members who are entrepreneurs and tech managers with no strings attached!

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Distributors as a service

Do you want to grow your sales multiple times and get your products in front of clients all around the globe?

We have been there and know all the major distributors and retailers. We can help you how to prep your products for rapid expansion and still secure a good margin.

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Product Management as a Service

Perhaps your product is good enough, and you can start selling. Don't overengineer! We can help determine your ideal customer profiles, conduct market research, and plan the launch and upcoming versions based on customer feedback. 

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Get funding for growth

Are you looking for additional money to fund R&D or market expansion? We have acquired dozens of millions of grants from the European Union, but we also collaborate with VCs and Private Equity specialists in media and audio and invest in interesting startups!

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You don't know where to begin?

Let's workshop what are your most burning needs and craft a roadmap

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