Venture Building

Are you a successful company owner or executive who has an idea for a new product but is afraid it will not be successful? According to McKinsey Global Institute, the failure rate for new products is between 25% and 40%. Can this risk be mitigated at all?

What is the root cause of the problem, and why is it so important?

  • Building new products in big organizations can be many times more expensive and slower than in startups due to rigid processes and bureaucracy.
  • Unsuccessful products can damage the reputation and tarnish users’ trust in the established brands. 
  • The product's commercial success depends on the company’s agility: its ability to quickly test ideas and adopt them.

Solution: build new products with experienced entrepreneurs

We have built companies that sell products in 35 countries from the ground up 

Product Discovery

After you reach out with the idea, our team will conduct market research and test the business model to verify demand and viability.

Investment memorandum

Once viability is confirmed, we agree on the investment details, business goals, team composition, equity and remuneration, and exit strategy, and finally, we form a team.

Building a business

The startup team works on the new business and reports to the investment team based on the agreed schedule and rules.

Acquisition of the startup

Once the business goals are achieved and agreed upon, your organization acquires the startup and integrates the new product with its portfolio.

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