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Do you have plans and ideas but would like to challenge them with someone who has done this before? Maybe you need inspiration or a coaching session to see your business from a different perspective.

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Anna Czerwoniec
Sales & Marketing

  • Building sales and marketing processes and teams
  • Branding
  • Building distribution and retail network

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Tomasz Żernicki
Strategy & Technology

  • Company strategy and scaling
  • Audio R&D and  product development 
  • Production and supply chain

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Wojciech Ozimek
Product Management

  • Product strategy, planning, and profitability
  • Market-fit and GoToMarket
  • Product team building

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Łukasz Szałankiewicz
Communication, media, and game audio

  • Communication, media, and PR strategy
  • Branding
  • Audio in GameDev

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We are here for you to help in the following areas:

  • Company strategy - Is your vision and strategy clear to everyone? Do you wonder if have the right structure and functions for scaling it when the sales grow? 

  • Sales and marketing - Are you building a sales and marketing team and afraid to hire people who don't deliver results? Have you established processes but are not sure how to measure efficiency? Have you made connections with distributors and retailers but are not sure if they are not taking away all the profit?

  • Technology and Supply Chain - Do you have the right tech architecture? How do you manage technical debt? How to handle the production and logistics? What about components and QA Processes? Do you have certifications that are needed?

  • Product management  - what are your best customer segments? What do customers really want? Is your product vision product vision aligned with market needs? Are we not over-engineering our products? Don't we do too many products? How do we manage versions? Can we make our products profitable? What is your competitive advantage, and how do you build it?

  • Communication and branding - how is our brand perceived? Are we communicating in the right way?

Looking forward to talking to you!

How to prepare for the call

  • Have a clear list of things you would like to discuss
  • Provide details of your challenge and how you measure success in the meeting booking form so we can also join prepared and we don't waste your time and money
  • Attach materials and links in the booking form to any resources you would like to talk about during the call

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