Get distributors and resellers,
even if you are a small company!

Distributor acquisition as a service. 
Pause or cancel anytime.

Ideal for post-MVP audio startups with verified core products, teams, and first customers - usually after Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns.

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Are you overwhelmed by the transition from technical development to effective sales and international distribution for your startup? 

Discover how delegating your sales to professional distributors, and retailers allow you to remain a technological company while painlessly increasing international sales of your products.

Direct sales channels:

With direct sales, you need to build separate teams for marketing, lead generation, and sales, as well as organize strategies for each.

  • Building a customer base can be time-consuming
  • Unstable income sales and seasonality in sales
  • Handling customers' objections
  • Handling multiple payments and invoices
  • Increased responsibility for distribution, logistics, and warehousing 

Benefits of cooperation with distributors and resellers:

  • Reduced sales, marketing, and distribution costs
  • Additional time for product development
  • When you rely on a distributor, marketing, and sales fall under their umbrella
  • key distributors are super strong brands of their own and a go-to place for people to look for stuff - like
  • faster growth - each distributor handles multiple customers at once

At my3Daudio Ventures,

we understand your unique challenges and the pressure to start sales.

Fast-growing companies adopt a similar marketing model

Apple, Focusrite, and many more tech companies thrive by applying the same proven indirect sales strategy to fuel their growth.

 Did you know that in 2023, 63% of Apple's sales came from distribution? [1]

When are we a suitable partner for you?

  • Your company is a post-MVP audio startup with verified core products, teams, and first customers - usually after Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns.
  • Your company has revenue from sales of at least 100k Euro.
  • You need help to build a sales team.

What makes us stand out?

  • We have relations with KEY distributors in the audio and video industries.
  • We have an excellent reputation as a team in the audio industry.
  • We have already been there. That is, we built and scaled technology audio startups that became global players.

What are the benefits?

  • We will build distribution channels for a fraction of a senior salesperson's salary.
  • We don’t just generate leads—we manage the full operations of the marketing and sales departments, starting with introducing CRM and generating sales opportunities.
  • Analytics-Driven Insights—Have you heard from marketing/sales agencies that "it will take time, and results are unpredictable?" Our strategies are grounded in data, ensuring every decision is informed and impactful.
  • Committed to Your Growth - We're not just a service; we're your strategic growth partners dedicated to seeing you succeed.

Communication & Results

  • Adaptable Strategies Totally Async
  • Don't like meetings? We don't either, so much so that we've outlawed them completely. 

  • You receive a report every week.

How It Works / Sequence of Processes

1 - >

Process of searching for distributors and resellers 
– we search for ideal lead candidates that fit your business:

  • stage 1 - searching for qualified leads
  • stage 2 - Send five (5) personalized e-mails to distributors
  • stage 3 - follow up with distributors

2 - >

Process of establishing cooperation with the distributor 
– we set price lists and offers and continue communication until the order is made:

  • stage 1 - starting communication and establishing interest in selected products
  • stage 2 - preparation of price list, contracts and individual terms of cooperation
  • stage 3 - execution of the first order

3 - >

Process of order execution 
– we set deadlines, organize and monitor shipment to the distributor, and take care of customs management with an external 3PL company. 

  • stage 1 – ship from 3PL warehouse
  • stage 2 – prepare documents and shipment at the distributor’s website
  • stage 3 - monitor whether the customer has received the goods

4 - >

Definition of Done 
- we ensure the process is of high quality.


We cannot guarantee sales volume, but we can guarantee high-quality leads and effective communication with distributors.


Euro 2500 .00

/ month 
  • Dedicated account manager
  •   Number of personalized emails sent

  • Number of established new cooperation with distributors 
  • Number of orders processed 
  • Number of communications with present distributors 
  • Pause or cancel anytime 
  • Initial setup of CRM system 


Euro 4000 .00

/ month 
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Number of personalized emails sent
  • Number of established new cooperation with distributors 
  • Number of orders processed 
  • Number of communications with present distributors 
  • Pause or cancel anytime 
  • Initial setup of CRM system 

Not sure?


Hiring a salesperson requires managing this person, as well as additional costs and requirements related to work permit regulations. If you hire us, you do not have to worry about employment; you can pause the cooperation anytime. Cooperation with AS is a few times less expensive than paying a full-time employee. 

Results vary, but we focus on a high-quality sales process that we measure with actionable metrics like user acquisition, engagement, and conversion. We aim for steady, sustainable growth.

Our initial workshop zero is key to understanding your brand's core values, ensuring all strategies we implement resonate with your brand identity.

We will meet with all key persons (e.g., directors) at your company in 1:1 meetings to understand how your company operates regarding sales, marketing, logistics, and manufacturing.

Usually no. We aim to "extract" as much knowledge about your company as possible. As a result, you will receive a report from the workshop on how we understand your needs.

Yes, billing cycles are based on a 31-day period. Let's say you sign up and use the service for 21 days and then decide to pause your subscription. This means that the billing cycle will be paused, and you'll have 10 days of service remaining that can be used anytime in the future.

You can log in to your user portal and cancel the subscription anytime. 

You can communicate with your manager mainly through a dedicated Trello board. You can also send voice notes on Signal or Loom recordings for more detailed instructions.

Absolutely. We ensure our strategies complement and integrate with your current tools for a seamless growth experience. Usually, it requires access to your social media and Google Analytics accounts.

Some communication with distributors shows immediate results, while others take weeks. We aim for quick wins where possible, balancing with a focus on long-term growth.

Yes, however, it depends on the part of the process. Once we start communicating with distributors, we should continue because it shows disrespect.

Parallel process - additional fee. An explanation is provided in the "How it works" section.

It is based on our availability and expertise. You can speed up by paying an additional fee.

We analyze, learn, and use those insights to refine future strategies. Only some communication with distributors will succeed directly, but each provides valuable learning.

Do I have to set up a CRM system?

No, once we cooperate, we will set up a full CRM infrastructure for you. We use Odoo CRM. The price is included in your subscription.

You have full access to CRM. Therefore, you can use it alone or transfer data to another CRM system.

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