During this free webinar, we will discuss the typical challenges of entrepreneurs and startup teams in the audio industry and how to deal with those challenges. We'll watch a presentation about the difficult road to success by Tomasz Zernicki co-founder Zylia, a company that produces ambisonics microphones. Later, the CEO of our Venture Studio, Anna Czerwoniec  will show you how we help startups fulfil their dreams of success in the audio industry.

Who can benefit

  • Audio startup owners -who are entering the market with their first product, will learn how to get their first customers and increase sales.
  • Audio engineers  who want to become startup owners will learn about the challenges faced by founders.
  • Venture Capital firms that invest in audio companies, especially, but not only in the areas of immersive audio, VR, GameTech, etc. - you will get to know, the team that supports audio startups to scale.
  • Technology transfer centers that help audio and tech spinoffs and startups.

9 May 2024

16:00 CET

Free webinar in English, StreamYard


  • What marker are we really in? – Case study of Zylia by Tomasz Żernicki - co-founder and first CEO
  • About My3Daudio Ventures – on disciplined approach to building startups by our studio CEO Anna Czerwoniec.
  • Q&A

Webinar Guests

 Wojtek Ozimek, the host 

 Anna Czerwoniec, CEO My3Daudio Ventures

  Tomasz Żernicki, co-founder and exCEO Zylia

About My3Daudio Ventures

We are a venture studio that specializes in scaling emerging audio technology brands. We provide mentors who have successfully built audio companies, engineers and a network of audio experts from leading companies such as Audinate, iZotope, Arturia, who work with co-founders and their investors to accelerate the growth of their startups.